Update, 4/2

Many thanks to all the solos and family teams who joined us on Saturday. Despite the overcast skies and cool temperatures, you joined us for a great day of orienteering.  Many thanks to members from Orienteer Kansas and the Possum Trot Orienteering Club for joining us.  Below are the results from the meet. All of you did an amazing job with captures.  The photos are being processed and should be posted later today. Adventure On!

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Update, 3/29.  Map and Clue Sheet Posted

For those who like the plan below is the course map for the Bing-O event.   However, unlike other races, you will not know which controls you need to capture until you receive your bing-o card at the start. There are 20 bing-o cards with different combinations.  You are welcome to download the map from the site and do preliminary planning such as marking the map with street names or use Google Earth to identify some of the points.   Please note there maybe slight adjustments in the placements (tree falls down or construction fence pops up). We will let you know of any changes Friday evening.

Below is the clue sheet for the map which will also assist you in your planning.  Racers are provided a map and clue sheets at the race start.

One additional item we wanted to provide you is a jpeg of the pinned map which is posted at Gruber Gym.  With the pin shadows and the number labels, its probably best you use the un-pinned map for detailed planning.  However, the pinned map shows you how we laid out the course.  As you see, due to the rain, we chose not to place any markers on the western woodlands trail system in order to reduce trail damage and mud-caked racers.  Most of the markers are on hard top, gravel, or light vegetation.

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Spring brings on of our original events, Bing-O orienteering.  Each racer receives a different bingo card with assorted control checkpoints.  Versus following a linear or circular route, racers are look for points that will provide them a bingo on card similar to the attached snapshot.  We offer short and long course bingo cards. Those looking for a technically easy course should seek to form an “X” on their card. Participants looking for something a bit more challenging should try to form a border “U” or a border square.  Those wanting to strengthen their orienteering skills for May’s Adventure Race can go for a filled card.  Each racers receive 1 bingo card. Family teams receive 2 cards. Get a bingo, get a prize.

A map containing all 30 controls is posted on the website and at Gruber Gym.  However, since you will not receive your bingo card until the start, you will not be able to strategize your final capture plan until you receive the card/s.

We offer a staggered start with race day registration from 8am to 9:30am at the SOUTH PARKING LOT, Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth. You can start anytime within this period.  No worries if you run a little late.  Just look for the RV with tables. Race fees are $15 per racer or $35 per family (3 or more). No need to pre-register, we offer race day registration only. We can accept cash or check at the registration table. Those wanting to use credit a card can pay for the race at Gruber Gym and bring us the receipt. The fees include bingo cards, maps, clue sheets, finisher prizes, drinks, chips and ice cream bars. Call or text us at 913-683-5634 if you have any questions.  Please note, we raise rain or shine. However, as of today, the forecast for Saturday morning is dry, partly cloudy skies with a high of 63 degrees.

NOTE: Non-Government ID Card Holders.

The Fort Leavenworth installation is very orienteer friendly.  However, being an active military base with a prison, access control to Fort Leavenworth requires a visitor’s pass. Processing through the Visitor Control Center may take up to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the post will not accept a Missouri driver’s license as a form of ID.  Please see our homepage for directions to the Visitors Center.