Heres is the link to our Frosty 40 Photo Album. Many thanks to Susy for volunteering to serve as the photographer and to Jenna and pup Zara for volunteering at the registration table. We could not support the program without them. Best wishes for the Christmas season, Connie


Many thanks to all who joined us for a great day for an orienteering and our final event of the 2017 season. Below are the results.  Just a note regarding point #5.  The point was moved by a third party during the latter portions of the event. While we try to notify racers during the event that this has happened, it is difficult to ensure we catch all of you during the course of the event.  Thus, in cases such as this, all racers receive credit for the point.  This affected only a few teams/solos. We are in the process of tweaking the photos and should have them posted by the end of the day.  Thank you for supporting our program in 2017.  Due to post restriction on racing in cold temperatures, we hibernate over for the next couple of months. We’ll be returning on March 10th, for our Spring kick-off. Adventure On!UPDATE 12/8: COURSE NOTES

The course is set and we wanted to provide you a few notes.

-The woods are clear and dry.  Unless you choose to bushwhack, you should not run into many thorns or have to low crawl under trees.

-CP 23 is listed as a knoll. Its actually a 2-story high mound of dirt.  Its slightly closer to the road.  No worries, you will not miss it.

-There a lot of leaves on the course. We suggest against jumping into piles of leaves as some are 4-feet high.

-CP 7 is inside the prison’s walls.  Its the location where a prisoner escaped by manufacturing a portable ladder in the furniture wood shop. He placed the ladder on top of the shop and clamored from the rooftop of the shop to the top of the warden’s house and escaped. Please do not this on the course.

-We placed the markers as close as possible to the center on the on control circle. However, some maybe a little off as we had to find something to tether the marker to. You should be able to see the marker if you are within a few yards of the circle on the map.  Theres always a possibility that a 4-legged or 2-legged critter will take off with our marker or punches.  If this happens, take a picture or tell us about the location when you get back. We will know when a marker has been stolen when we receive multiple reports.

We look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow morning at 9am. Send us a text if you have questions (913-683-5634). Adventure On!


Tonight’s forecast indicates in an uptick in temps for Saturday with a high of 43-degrees.  Unbelievable as just 4 days ago we were looking at a high of 30 degrees. We’ve been good little orienteers so Santa decided to help us out with some heat. We’ll still have the coca, hot cider and coffee ready.  Below is the draft 1:15K map.  Many thanks to Orienteer Kansas for developing and updating the map over the years. The only changes will be if the post suddenly throws up a construction fence or a tree falls down.  We’ll make any last minute changes on Friday once we set the course and have trail shoes on the ground. Also, after November’s Score-O, we decided to simplify the format for the Frosty 40 and Tinsel 20 by eliminating markers’ having point values. Additionally both courses will use the orienteer map below.  Capture as many as you can in either division (Frosty 40 markers or Tinsel 20 markers) in 4 hours.  Route choice, strategy, and time management will be keys in capture.  All racers must be off the course by 2 pm. Tinsels will receive bonus points for any markers over 20.  You must to tell us which division you are racing in at the start. Plan for gains in elevation as the course spans from the Missouri River to some of the highest points on post.

Event Details

The Frosty 40 and Tinsel 20 start at South Parking Lot, Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth, December 9th. Look for the RV with the orange marker.  We use a staggered start with racers starting anytime between 9am to 11am. Race day registration only is from 9am to 11am. Registration fees are $15 per racer or a family fee of $35. We can only take cash or check at the table. You are welcome to use your credit card at the gym (about 25 yards from the start)  and just bring us the receipt. The race fees include; orienteer map, clue sheet, tyvex passport, loaner compass (upon request), finishers prize, and post-race refreshments (baked goods, chocolate milk, gatorade, water).  The gym is open for those who want to shower up after the race. The gym opens at 8am. Give us a call or text at (913) 683-5634, if you have any questions.

Access for Folks Without a Government Common Access Card or Military ID.

Visitors are required to check into the Visitors Control Center (VCC) before accessing the front gate. The VCC opens at 8am on weekends. Please bring your license, vehicle registration, and insurance. You will undergo a short computer background check. This normally takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Note:  The post does not accept Missouri drivers licenses as proof of ID.  Please see our homepage reference access information. Gruber Gym, which is adjacent to the race start and finish, opens at 8am. Participants are welcome to use the facilities to include hot showers if desired.