We close out 2017 with our traditional winter favorite, the Frosty 40 and Tinsel 20 Score-Os orienteer meet on 9 December, at the South Parking Lot, Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth, KS. The race is a staggered start with participants choosing to start anytime between 9am through 10:30am. Racers have up to 4hrs or 2pm to capture controls. For those undecided about which orienteer best meets their skill set and endurance the following details should help.

Frosty 40 ROGAINE Score-O

 The word ROGAINE is often confused with the hair product. In orienteering terms, a ROGAINE is long distance, cross country navigation between checkpoints. Solos or teams of 2 choose which checkpoints to capture within a specified time limit with the intent of maximizing their score. Each control has a score. Controls located further away from the start point (SP) and controls requiring higher levels of technical navigational have higher points. For example, a control located 800 meters from the SP in a re-entrant brings a score of 70 points. A control located 50 meters from the SP hanging on a statue is worth 10 points. The Frosty ROGAINE has 40 controls hung throughout the urban portion (non-hunting areas) of the installation. With a time limit of 4 hours it is challenging if not impossible for participants to capture all the controls. Thus the solo or team must strategize their capture route with the goal of capturing as many points as possible within

Tinsel 20 Score-O

Not yet ready to make the leap to an endurance ROGAINE? The Tinsel 20 is a Score-O consisting of 20 controls where the distance and the orienteer technical skill is low. Tinsels use an orienteer map. The Score-Os also use a staggered start with participants accessing the course anytime between 9am through 10:30am. You have up to 4 hours to complete the Tinsel. However, you must be off the course by 2pm no matter what time you started.

Event Details

The Frosty 40 and Tinsel 20 start at South Parking Lot, Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth, December 9th. Please note the event is weather dependent. The post prevents us from racing in blizzards. We use a staggered start with racers starting anytime between 9am to 10:30am. Race day registration is from 8:30am to 10:30am. Both race’s registration fees are $15 per racer or a family fee of $35. The race fees include; orienteer or topo map, clue sheet, tyvex passport, loaner compass (upon request), finishers prize, and post-race refreshments (chili, crackers, chocolate milk, cookies, gatorade, cocoa).  Give us a call at (913) 565-5697, if you have any questions.

Access for Folks Without a Government Common Access Card or Military ID.

Visitors are required to check into the Visitors Control Center (VCC) before accessing the front gate. The VCC opens at 6:30am on weekends. Please bring your license, vehicle registration, and insurance. You will undergo a short computer background check. This normally takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Note:  The post does not accept Missouri drivers licenses as proof of ID.  Please see our homepage reference access information. Gruber Gym, which is adjacent to the race start and finish, opens at 8am. Participants are welcome to use the facilities to include hot showers if desired.