First, a hearty congratulations to all of you who braved the chilly temps, 30 mph winds, and rain. Only true adventure racers would get up on a Saturday morning and brave these conditions.  A special thanks to Jenna and adventure pup Zara who braved the weather and served as volunteers at the start/finish.

All of you did well in strategizing and developing attack plans. Below are the race results.  We used two divisions, over 90 minutes and under 90 minutes.  Congratulations to Team Scott where Chris raced in the ruck division with 15% of his body weight in his vest. The photos are posted on our Smug Mug site. As always, the photos are free for download. Many thanks to Susy for her outstanding photographs. We try our best to get shots of all the teams but with racers stretched across approximately 8 miles of terrain, its a difficult task. For those of you who we missed, we’ll try to catch you next time. Next up: Frosty 40 and Tinsel 20 orienteer on December 9th.  After holding an event in 1 degrees one year (yes, some teams actually showed up), the post limits us in holding events where the  the daytime temps are less than 32 degrees. Keep your mittens crossed that the temps for the day (not the race start time) reach a high of 32 degrees. Adventure On!


Saturday’s weather looks great with sunshine and temps in the high, 40s/low 50s. Below is the course map and clue sheet.  Note that each control has a point value.  Under a score-o, racers develop a strategy that leads to capture the highest points within the event time limit. For example, if you plan to compete in the sprint division, you have 90 minutes to capture the highest amount of points.  Thus you either choose to capture a large amount of easier, closer markers or venture out to the west trail system and go for fewer, but higher value markers.  Even for the fastest orienteer, it will be difficult to clear the entire course in 90 minutes. For those choosing the 3hr Olympic Division, clearing the course is also challenging because of the distance and technical level involved.

Please note, the ruck division (ruck, backpack, weighted vest) mirrors the Score-O format with the exception of a different order of finish placement.

NOTE:  For every 2 minutes past the time cut-off point, racers lose 10 points.  Plan your strategy to be near the finish line in case you need to make a dash to cross the finish line before time expires.  




November  brings the holidays, cool temps, family and food. The Gobbler event features a Score-O format geared towards advanced orienteers, family, visitor and dog friendly orienteers, and experienced orienteers.  Under a Score-O format, each markers has a point value.  Markers having a higher technical capture or a longer distance from the start, carry a higher point value.  The object is for participants to capture the highest number of points (not markers) during a set time period.  Finish placement is determined by; (a) points and (b) time. The event features a Sprint Division (90-minutes) and an Olympic Division (3 hours). We offer a 3rd “Ruck” division, where participants perform the event with a ruck, backpack, or weighed vest. For the Ruck Division, finish placement is determined by (1) points; (2) percentage of weight; (c) finish time.

To assist with your route choice, we post course orienteer maps and clue sheets on the website the Wednesday before the event. We also post updates as we get closer to the event.


The 5Ws

The November Orienteer begins at the South Parking Lot, Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth, KS, from 8am to 9:30am. Look for the big RV with an orange navigation marker.  There is no pre-registration. We understand life is hectic.  Thus we DO NOT require you to pre-register.  Just join us at the registration table Saturday morning anytime between 8am to 9:30am and sign up for a great morning of orienteering.  We can accept cash or check at the registration table. You can use a credit card at Gruber Gym and bring us the receipt.  We use a staggered start where orienteers can begin the race anytime between 8am to 9:30am. Event divisions consist of solo, 2-person or 3-pers0n teams, and family teams.  Race fees are $15.00 per person. Orienteering is a family friendly sport.  We encourage families to orienteer together by offering a discount family fee.  The family fee is $35 for an unlimited amount of related family members. Children under 6 and dogs are free. Racers with little legs can use trikes and tiny bikes. We bring doggie water bowls and biscuits to all our events.  The meet fee includes an orienteer map w/ zip-lock bag, race clue sheets, Tyvex orienteer passport, a finisher award (racer’s choice)  and end of course refreshments. To keep race fees reasonable and your household goods light, we do not offer t-shirts or medals.  We do provide winners’ recognition on our Facebook page, website and in the post newspaper.  We also provide free race photos on our smug mug site, http://ftlvadventure.smugmug.com.  For those completing 5 of our events over the season, we award a rock star adventure race jersey.

Over the years we met a lot of awesome kids, toddlers, and tweens who defy preset age groups. Our only age requirement is children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a sponsor (16 years and older). Meet placements are determined by (1st) number of points captured and (2nd) time.

Have questions?  Send us a text at (913) 565-5697, Facebook PM or email, ftlvadventure@gmail.com.

For Out of Towners.

For out-of-towners without a military ID or CAC Card, in February, 2015, Fort Leavenworth imposed a visitor access program. You must process through the Visitor Center at Metropolitan Avenue before entering the post. Please refer to our Home page for additional information regarding access procedures. Normally the process takes about 15 to 20 minutes with access personnel conducting a computerized background check. Please ensure you bring your drivers license, (Sorry Missouri folks, your drivers license in not acceptable) and vehicle registration.