A hearty congratulations to all of you in joined us on a chilly morning. Many thanks to Orienteer Kansas (OK) for co-hosting the event with us, providing timing, planning, and setting and taking down the course.  OK has partnered with us on this event for numerous years and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to work with this top notch organization. Check out their facebook and website pages for future orienteer events. The results are posted below.  For a special treat OK is providing split split times between markers at https://tinyurl.com/y96g87cl

Compare your scores with others to see the difference in route choices. A big shout out to those who participated in our Rock with a Ruck” competition.  Team Force, Kendall Guenther and Debbie Van Laar,  top the leader board with a 19.5%  (body weight/body weight plus pack).  They were followed by (2nd) Robert Graves [17.9%], (3rd) Matthew Worley [13.1%], (4th) Chris Scott [12%].  We plan to bring this event back to our November event.

The photos are downloaded to our smug mug site  .  A big THANK YOU to Danielle and Stephanie Edwards for volunteering to take photos.  All the photos are in the event specific album.  They are free for download and sharing. Adventure On! and we hope to see you on November 18th for our Gobbler Orienteer.

UPDATE, 10/24

Many thanks to Fritz and Mike at Orienteer Kansas for setting the Great Pumpkin Course. Its our pleasure to post courses for your race planning. The temps are projected to be chilly at the start. However, the day calls for sunshine and lights winds making it a great day to romp in the fall-colored woods. As a reminder, racers have the choice to do any or ALL of the courses.  Please note the markers must be captured in sequential order. Thanks to Orienteer Kansas providing digital punching, we are able to track your route choice and splits. While it will be tempting to capture a higher number marker enroute to a lower marker, this will result in a penalty of one control.




General Information.

The Great Pumpkin Orienteer Meet, October 28th, is one of our favorite events as the fall colors are truly spectacular on post. The series cohosts this event with a nationally recognized, Lawrence-based orienteer club, Orienteer Kansas.  Orienteer Kansas (OK) offers 3 spectacular courses for the event; a long course, short course and a mini-course.  Many thanks to these great orienteers for designing the maps and courses.  Participants have the option of completing any number of courses, pick one, two or all three. OK is providing electronic punching so no worries about losing the paper passport. A special treat is you will be able to see your split time between markers.

Sprint for the Cookies

 OK designed a fun, mini-course around Gruber Gym for those who want to test their sprinting skills, junior orienteers and those new to orienteering.  The mini-course consists of approximately 11 controls.  As a special incentive, we award a box of a mixed baker’s  Sis Sweets cookies (locally made, absolutely decadent and delicious) to the fastest solo (male or female), team (two person and above, includes family teams), and solo junior orienteer (14 and under, male or female). A few ground rules for the those competing for the cookies.  The mini-course opens at 9am. You must be on the mini-course by 10:30am.  If you are racing in the long and/or short course, you can race the mini-course course either before or after completing the other courses so long as you enter the mini-course by 10:30am.  For teams, you must ALL cross the finish line together to record your finish time.  You must be present to receive your cookies (otherwise the next competitor in your division receives them).  If you are out on the short or long course during the cookies award ceremony, we will hold the cookies until you return to the finish line.  We plan to award the cookies around 10:45am.

Rock with A Ruck  

We add a new event to our portfolio of racing, “Rock with a Ruck”.  Participants compete on the short course wearing rucks.  Participant must bring their own packed ruck or backpack with as little or much weight as you like.  Race Staff weigh participants with and without pack at the start. Teams weight are counted as a total. Participants then navigate the short course.  The finish placement is number of controls captured, percentage of ruck weight in comparison to body weight or backpacks, and finish time.  Each member of team’s pack weighed for a total percentage poundage For example, a 150-pound person carries a 15-pound pack. Their percentage of weight equals 10%. The competition consists of 3 divisions: male solo, female solo, 2-person team and family team.  Top solo adult and 2-pers team finishers receive a stainless steel, customized water bottle. Top family teams receive a bakers dozen cookies.  Must complete course by 10:30am and be present to receive prizes at approximately 10:45am.

General Information.

 The $15 per person or $35 per family (must be related) registration fee includes entry to all courses and the rock the ruck competition.  In order to keep race fees reasonable we do not provide t-shirts or race medals.  However, we do provide orienteer maps, course clue sheets, electronic punches, loaner compass (upon request), orange buffs (new racers), finisher prizes, and refreshments of apple cider, pumpkin pie with whip cream, chips, water, sports drinks, dog biscuits and water.  We also place event photos for you to download free of charge on our smug mug site. Please text [(913) 683-5634] or PM on our Facebook page  if you have questions. No need to pre-register as we conduct race day registration only.  Race day registration is in the North parking lot, Gruber Gym, (upper level, besides gym) from 8am to 9:30am race morning. Racers can start the course at anytime during this period. The finish line closes at 11:30am. PLEASE NOTE: We can only accept cash or check at the race table. You can use your credit card at Gruber Gym and bring us the receipt.

Access for Folks Without a Government Identification Card.

Off-post Visitors are required to check into the Visitors Control Center (VCC) before accessing the front gate. The VCC hours on weekends are 8am to 4:30pm.  To allow time for VCC processing, all of our races have a staggered start from 8am to 9:30am. Please bring your license, vehicle registration, and insurance. You will undergo a short computer background check. This normally takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Please see our homepage reference access information. Note: The VCC does not accept Missouri drivers licenses as a form of identification.  Gruber Gym, which is adjacent to the race start and finish, opens at 8am. Participants are welcome to use the facilities to include hot showers if desired.