Results are posted

Great job to all who joined us on a great day for orienteering. A special kudos to new orienteers.  Below are the results.  Please let us know if we may have missed something on your passport or time.  We look forward to our April event on Sunday, the 8th. The trees should be blooming on post making for a spectacular Spring day. Adventure On!Update: Maps are posted. 

Welcome to our 7th season of Orienteering and Adventure Racing

Time to kick off winter’s dust and enjoy the outdoors.  We kick-off out 208/2019 season with two courses designed for beginning orienteers and those looking to cover approximately 5 kilometers of terrain AND a longer course consisting of about 8 to 10 miles of terrain (distance is dependent upon your route choice).  For those who like to plan in advance, we post race maps below. 

Introduction/Intermediate Course. Map

Below is the map for the sprint course.  The course is mostly on hard top with the exception of points 2, 4, and 5 which are hung on trees near vegetation.  The is approximately 3 miles (all depends on your route choice).  There will be an unmanned water point and candy at Point 7.   You are welcome to download the map and start your planning. We will have extra copies at registration. 

For those unfamiliar with an orienteer map or meet, a few things about the course.   There is no designated route to each control.This is where the racers’ route choice/attack plan plays a major factor in time and distance.   The short course is low in technical planning with 11 controls located at historical buildings, landmarks or large trees.  The terrain consists of sidewalks, paved paths and light vegetation.  The short course is perfect for strollers, small children, those looking for hard surfaces and folks wanting to burn extra calories carrying a ruck or weight vest.  Intermediate racers can seek to receive bonus points by capturing Advance Course markers.  Placements are determined by: (1) Number of controls captured (Regular + Bonus) and time.  For those who want something shorter in distance, you are welcome to choose as many or as little controls as you want. Our goal is for you learn about orienteering and get out for a nice early spring walk.   Most participants only need 45 to 60 minutes to finish the course.

Advance Course.  This course has some elevation gains! Map

The Olympic Course is guaranteed to make your calves burn.  Because of our schedule, we only have a small time to take advantage of clear woods and lower levels of poison ivy.  Thus we use the woodland trail system extensively  for our Spring event.  This course will challenge you with the elevation climbs, distances, and a higher difficulty in reading the terrain. A compass and shooting bearings will help. Ask for a loaner compass at registration.  The course is anywhere between 8 to 10 miles depending on your route choice. 

The course contains 2 unmanned water point so you can hydrate,  boost your sugar level and carry little to no hydration.  The average time to complete the course ranges between 3 and 4 hours.  Again, finish time is strongly correlated to your route choice.

General Information.

For those unfamiliar with an orienteer map or meet, a few things about the course. The course starts at south parking lot, Gruber Gym parking lot. Each orange-flagged control contains a clue in both orienteering symbols and text.   For those families with little tykes, the tykes are welcome to accompany mom and dad on trikes, bikes and strollers. We are also dog friendly. Rover can romp with you.  Our goal is for you learn about orienteering and get out for a pre-spring, cool walk. Do what is best for you and rejoin us at the finish for post-race refreshments. Placements are determined by: (1) Number of controls captured and time.  There is no time limit for completing the course except you must return to the start by 12:30pm. 

 Registration and Race Day Information.

The fee for all courses is $15 per racer or $35 family (3 or more family members, must be related in some way). We welcome strollers, tiny tykes on bikes, and 4-legged fur babies (aka dogs). The events use a staggered start and registration with participants starting anytime between 8am to 9:30am in the parking lot south of Gruber Gym. All racers must return to the finish by 12:30pm or face a penalty. Racers arriving at the finish line after 1pm are disqualified. We offer race day registration only from 8am to 9:30am at the South parking lot across from Gruber Gym, Fort Leavenworth.  Please note we can only accept cash or check (made out to “FMWR”) at the parking lot. You can use a charge card at Gruber Gym and bring us the receipt. Race fees includes orienteering map; your choice of finisher award; clue sheet; passport; and free loaner compass. We offer a free neon orange buff to first time racers. Post race refreshments include gatorade, water, cookies or cupcakes, and pup friendly milk bones.  In order to keep race fees reasonable we do not award medals.  We send out HUGE congratulations on our website.  Have questions? Text or call us at (913) 683-5634.

NOTE: Non-Government ID Card Holders.

The Fort Leavenworth installation is very orienteer friendly.  However, being an active military base with a prison, access control to Fort Leavenworth requires a visitor’s pass. Processing through the Visitor Control Center may take up to 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the post will not accept a Missouri driver’s license as a form of ID.  Please see our homepage for directions to the Visitors Center.