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About Us
The Fort Leavenworth Adventure Series provides the military community the opportunity to explore the great outdoors of the Fort Leavenworth Installation.  The events are open to the general public. However, visitors must process through the Visitor Control Center (Opens at 8am on weekends) at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and 4th Street, Leavenworth, KS. VCC information is at http://garrison.leavenworth.army.mil/>newcomers&Visitors>gate information. CMC Consulting, LLC, (913) 683-5634, ftlvadventure@gmail.com

Winter Break

Due to post regulations regarding outdoor activities during the winter months (no events scheduled if temps do not reach a high of 32 degrees during the day), the series take a break.  However, the local area orienteer clubs, Possum Trot Orienteering Club and Orienteer Kansas , are going strong during the winter.  Please take the opportunity to enjoy these events and explore orienteering venues outside of the installation.  We’ll be returning for our Spring Schedule on 10 March for our pre-Spring Break-up orienteer.
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Orienteer for Women and Girls

Many of you got the opportunity to meet members from the Lawrence-based Orienter Kansas (OK) club at our October  meet.  One of OK’s goals for 2018 is to increase women’s and girls’ interest in the sport of orienteering.  OK is hosting several events in the coming month for women to introduce them to the sport of orienteering.  For those of you who are interested in the sport but not yet ready to make the leap in venturing off into the woods by yourself, we encourage you to join OK and us at the events.  Here is the Facebook link to the events’ schedule.  We welcome the opportunity to support OK in this initiative. Please contact us if your group (girls scouts, women’s organizations) is interested in hosting an orienteer clinic… and yes, we also support boys scouts outings. Adventure On!
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Spring 2018 Calendar

For those who like to plan ahead, below is our Spring Schedule. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring.

March 10th, pre-Spring Break Orienteer. This is one of our most popular events where the winter chill ceases and the mild spring temps appear.  We’ll be offering sprint and olympic courses for you to explore.

April 8th, Bingo Orienteer. Join us for our Bingo orienteer where we use bingo cards versus race passports to capture markers.

May 12th, Lewis and Clark Orienteering Challenge and Adventure Race. Plan on a multi-discipline event consisting of trekking, paddling, biking, and a few mystery challenges.

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Many Thanks for A Successful 2017 Season

Many thanks to all of you in joining us for our 2017 season. Thanks to you we had hundreds of starts and awarded over 50 adventure series jerseys and 2 master adventure awards.  We appreciate you taking time in your busy schedules to join us on a Saturday morning for a great day of orienteering. We look forward to supporting you in 2018 and introducing you to the great sports of  orienteering and adventure racing.  Adventure On!
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